Introducing M3

M3! What is it?

M3 is a new and a very promising project which is designed on the Binance Smart Chain. M3 is a next generation reflective deflationary protocol that aims to maximize your investment with the most unceasing and secure strategy. The project M3 has its own native token $MTHREE.

What is $MTHREE?

It has always been a matter of concern for users coming across high gas in yield farming while staking and unstaking. A normal investor doesn’t always like to spend so much on gas, a grave issue that needs to be resolved. $MTHREE does exactly that. $MTHREE is capable of gasless instant yield generation which lets the holders of $M3 generate yield only by holding their $M3 tokens.

How does M3 work?

$M3 is precisely designed to meet up with the activity of holder/seller and sellers striking a balance. We can also say that as a holder your tokens’ value increases more than that of early seller.

We have in place a fruitful staking system that rewards stakers with Tokens:

  • A 6% fee is charged on each transaction done with the $MTHREE Token.
  • 3% burned.
  • 3% redistributed back to all token holders.
  • Core liquidity lock mechanism to help stabilize $MTHREE tokens value and investors bond.
  • Huge burns meaning no sell pressure.


▪️ Ticker: $MTHREE

▪️ Total Supply: 40000 $MTHREE

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